At any given moment I can be found living, working, or playing somewhere in the United States, SE Asia, Mexico, Turkey, Italy, France, England, Greece, the Virgin Islands or South Pacific. But for the most part, I live in California as a resident of Santa Cruz, just south of San Francisco along the Monterey Bay Peninsula. Here, I explore the enchanting mountains, forests, rivers and coasts of California in search of the next redwood, monarch butterfly, or sea lion that may serve as a muse for potential prose and picture making.

Over the past 20 years I've worked in industries such as Fashion, Entertainment, Finance, Publishing, Journalism, Hospitality, and Alternative Health. Recently I worked as a travel writer, photographer, and environmental editor with a publishing company based in Southern California. Eager to diversify my portfolio of work and further my education, I left the position in SoCal to enter the spontaneous world of freelancing while completing my university studies. In the Portfolio section of my website you can view some of my published work.

Currently, I run a global water news aggregate, an awareness-building collective, and a forum for public discourse. All media featured on is compiled by a concerned team of scientists, anthropologists, historians, horticulturists, writers, educators, academics, and global citizens. Additionally, we profile global water conservation and management initiatives in effort to promote water literacy through NGO and academic partnerships.

My academic concentration is in Environmental Policy and Management from the University of California, Berkeley. Environmental issues such as the global water crisis, climate change, ocean preservation, and wildlife protection are foundational elements of my work. The environmental movement is the largest, most significant movement humankind has attempted and I consider myself a faithful soldier in this regard. Our relationship to the planet is not interdependent as so many people seem to forget. We need the earth, air, oceans, rivers and animals to survive – they do not need us. We evolved from the earth; the earth did not evolve from us. The earth was here long before us; and the earth will live on long after we’re gone. And so it is that I create my life’s work from the intention of "How Can I Help?"